Student Leadership Day

The 2019 House Captains and Yr 3-7 SRC will be involved in a Student Leadership Day held at PEPS on Friday Term 1 Week 5, the 1st of March 2019.

Trina, Karen and Kate along with guest speaker, Ashley Manuel from Growing With Gratitude, will be holding presentations, running workshops and team building activities with the students. We will be focussing on gratitude, resilience, self belief, ownership, empathy, appreciating others and the skill of reframing (Teaching students how to see things for a more positive point of view).

At the conclusion of the day the students will focus on things that inspired them from the day and discuss what hurdles as leaders they think they may face (e.g. time constraints, confidence, etc) and come up with ideas and strategies to assist them address these challenges.

 The students will then set goals individually, and as a team, to help them be effective leaders who “make a positive difference” to PEPS in 2019.

 Port Elliot PS will receive 12 month free access to the Growing With Gratitude program fully resourced online. The students and staff will have access to this to further develop these leadership skills and personal qualities. Families will be able to access the Home Grown Gratitude program, also.

If you would like more information re the Growing With Gratitude program feel free to contact Ashley on the details below.

+61 (0) 405 188 355


In Week 1 this Term, students born in 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006 were offered the opportunity to try out for a spot in our school Sapsasa Swimming team. The carnival is to be held in Week 5 on Monday 25th February at Strathalbyn Swimming Centre. Please make sure all forms are completed and brought back to school as soon as possible. Tara Irvin is kindly coordinating this for us so thanks to Tara for organising this opportunity. If you need further information about this carnival please contact Trina at school.


Our school Sports Day has been set as Term 1, Week 10, Friday 5th April 2019.

Next week students will begin practicing Team activities and talking about Sports Day chants and the warm up activity. Every student should soon know which House Team and colour they are in. If you need to purchase a top for the day so that your child can be dressed in their Team colours, please speak to Jo or Judy in the office.

2019 House Captains

Congratulations to all the students who ran for 2019 House Captain. The students who were voted in by their peers to represent them this year at Sports Day and throughout the year are:

Boomer: Amber S, Jade, Daniel, Cohen

Commodore: Sasha, Mia, Jackson, Josh

Freeman: Poppy S, Poppy W, Ruben, Brandon

Knights: Amber B, Ella, Sebastian, Kai

These students have started preparing for Sports Day, have organised the new team chants (please refer to this website for copies of the chants to practice at home), are working on the warm up and are coordinating recess and lunch time activities. A busy, productive start to the year.

Sapsasa Events

Our school participates in a wide range of Sapsasa events throughout the year.  Trina and Kate train and trial students to represent the school at these events. Sapsasa is aimed mainly at Year 6 and 7 students but there will be opportunities for Year 4 and 5 students to participate in some sports. The events we anticipate competing in this year are:

  • Swimming (students born 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006). Monday 25th February at Strathalbyn pool

  • Football (Year 6/7 girls. Strathalbyn Carnival Thursday 14th March)

  • Athletics (students born 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006). Wednesday 1st May at Victor Harbor Primary

  • Cross Country (students born 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006). Wednesday 8th May at Kent Reserve

  • Netball (Year 6/7 girls. Victor Harbor High Carnival Wednesday 29th May)

  • Football (Year 6/7 boys. Encounter Bay Carnival Wednesday 29th May)

  • Basketball (Year 6/7’s Carnival Wednesday 24th July. Year 4/5 Carnival Wednesday 7th August. Morphett Vale stadium)

  • Cricket (Year 6/7’s. Cricket Carnival normally in Term 4).

  • Tennis (more information TBA)


Athletics important information:

Please note that there has been a significant change with Athletics being moved to the first half of Term 2 due to the Australian Championships being held in Darwin this year. This means students will begin Athletic trails in Week 2 Term 1 along with Sports Day trials and preparations.

When information on these events is available we will put notices in the Newsletter and send notes home with the students who are interested.


SAPSASA photo displays will be put up on the gym windows so feel free to come and have a look after events at some of the photos taken.


There also will be opportunities for students to try out for the Southern Fleurieu District Association teams in various sports and also for Sapsasa State teams. Again, when this information becomes available to us we will inform all eligible via the newsletter and notices home. This year the District Sapsasa convenor will also be posting information on the SOUTHERN FLEURIEU FACEBOOK PAGE and the SOUTHERN FLEURIEU LINK ON THE SAPSASA WEBSITE (

Sapsasa State Teams Selections

Interested students wanting to trial for State teams need to refer to the Sapsasa website ( to access all trial information and nomination forms.

If you wish to trial for a team, an online nomination must be completed and submitted by the due date for each sport. Information for each sport is available by clicking on List of Sports, then the sport you are interested in nominating for. (A separate nomination form is required for each sport). It is up to the student and their parent/caregiver to enrol, pay for and attend these try outs. See Trina or Kate at school if you need more information re this process. Our Southern Fleurieu Zone Convenor is Jerry Blair. You can contact him via email

PE Week

Week 5 was PE Week which had lots of activities and events offered throughout the whole week.

·         Each morning the classes started their day with special ‘Morning Motivation’ videos from an Elite sporting team or Olympian, devised especially for our school. 

·         Students were involved in their normal PE activities and Break time activities run by Year 6/7’s as well as having Table Tennis Tables set up in the gym and Totem Tennis equipment set up on the oval for access at Break times.

·         Tuesday and Wednesday’s PE lessons were run as buddy lessons with a Literacy focus on their games.

·         Numeracy based PE games were set up all week for classes to play with at their leisure in their lesson times.

·         There was also a ‘PE week @ PEPS’ quiz and take home ‘task sheet’ that students were invited to fill in, finish and hand in to win awesome prizes which were awarded at the assembly on Thursday.

·         The Assembly also had special past PEPS students, who are State Representatives in Surf Boat Rowing, speak to the students and help out with the prizes.

·         Lots of students took up the opportunity to wear sports clothing on Thursday and looked fantastic.

·         On Monday, staff (and a few Year 6’s) took on the Year 7’s in a friendly, fun football match. The staff team did win the match (with great assistance from the wind).

·         On Thursday staff played the Year 7 students in a netball match. It was a great game, played with a lot of skill and everyone had a lot of fun.

Overall, the students and staff had a great week with many Physical Education opportunities. A fun, active week for all!

Woolworths Cricket Blast Year 6/7 Cricket

On Tuesday 13th November we had 3 girls and 1boys team compete in the annual Year 6/7 Cricket Carnival at Goolwa Oval. Thank you to Vicki, Kate, Jed and Michael who were the adults who supervised a team on the day. The players had a fun time and got to learn a fair bit about cricket.

One of our girls’ teams won the day, so they will participate in the state wide carnival at Adelaide Oval on Tuesday 20th November. We wish the girls an enjoyable, rewarding time and experience.