Bullying Policy

We say “no” to bullying.

What we do about incidents of bullying.

  •   Use Restorative Practices.
  •   Negotiate consequences.
  •  Counselling.
  •  Peer support interviews.
  •  Time Out.
  •  Suspension.
  •  Exclusion.

The severity and seriousness of the bullying will be assessed and appropriate actions taken.

What we do at Port Elliot Primary School to reduce bullying:

  • Prevention Strategies-Using curriculum to teach students about respectful relationships and power.
  •  Intervention Strategies - What parents can do.
  • Post Intervention Strategies.
  • Annual Well-Being Survey of our students.
  •  Internet usage and mobile phone policies:-  families are required to sign agreements outlining acceptable internet use by students. If breached, the right to internet use is likely to be withdrawn. students must not bring mobile phones to school without the written permission of the principal.