Port Elliot Primary School uses the Australian Curriculum in all learning areas. Links are made to the local community and environment with emphasis on the History and Geography of the area and the coastal life style.


Staff promote and value all areas of the English curriculum. We engage students in quality programs that extend their literacy skills. Teachers collaborate to promote successful reading practices. Reading is a continual priority with students  at all year levels focusing on comprehension/reading for meaning.

Students use phonics as the basis for their Spelling program with a whole school Spelling policy for all classes.

All teachers use engaging writing topics to promote effective practices using a variety text types.


Teachers use a variety of strategies and programs to assist students to develop skills and understand concepts. AAcross the school we use strategies which link to real life situations. Hands on mathematics tasks are used with  all year levels with students engaging in problem solving individually and in groups. Online computer programmes are also used for student engagement and assessment tasks. Many students also login at home to continue with their learning.  


Science is an integral part of understanding the world around us and beyond. It links to students’ curiosity and the human endeavour to make sense of the world through exploring, investigating and solving problems. At Port Elliot Primary School science is explicitly taught through hands on investigations, experiments and observations. Students regularly visit the  surrounding areas including the coastal environment and river ecology of Goolwa and the Coorong.

Information Communication Technology (ICT)

Information Communication Technology (ICT) is integrated across all subjects at Port Elliot Primary School. The teachers engage with 21st century learning techniques such as the use of touch screen whiteboards, ipads, Skype and coding lessons along with internet research to engage students. Teachers continually up-date their skills and implement these to ensure they engage students with relevant ICT. ICT is used as a way to keep families updated through our school website or the Port Elliot Primary School Facebook page. Many classes have blogs on the web page which they continually update to share students work.


Students learn the language of our nearest Asian neighbour, Indonesia. There are over 200 million speakers of Indonesian and because Indonesian is based on Malay, learning Indonesian gives students knowledge of the language of the world’s largest Muslim country and provides access to other countries in Southeast Asia.

Our Indonesian teacher has lived in Indonesia and shares her experiences with students through an engaging and comprehensive program. We have regular visits from Indonesian teachers through our sister schools programme which enhances the language experience In the Indonesian classroom students have the opportunity to join in on a Skype session with friends in Indonesia,  cook Indonesian recipes, learn about Indonesian etiquette, and have some inside tips on bargaining for the pasar (Students actively create a Pasar ,market place in fourth term to demonstrate their knowledge of Indonesian).

Physical Education

Physical Education is an integral part of Port Elliot Primary School. It is a specialist lesson in which The P.E. programme  engages students in lessons specifically designed to increase student’s skills along with their level of fitness. SAPSASA sports are offered in primary year levels and the school is highly regarded and having won many championships at regional and state level..

Port Elliot Primary School is committed to and actively develops our student’s physical, social and emotional well being and supports students to achieve their best in a wide range of sporting activities. The program is highly skilled based, focussing on fundamental movement skill development along with a range of skills required in numerous sporting activities. Team work and the social skills required for successful participation in all activities are also supported and developed.

Our annual sports day is a key event highly supported by the whole school community.

Performing Arts

 Performing Arts is a valuable and exciting part of  The Arts programme offered at Port Elliot Primary school. It offers diversity to all students and it allows them to express themselves in many different ways.

Imagination is the key.

All students have a lesson of Performing Arts each week. This includes dance, singing, role playing, games, voice projection and performance. There is also a school choir that students have the opportunity to access.  As part of the Arts programme all students have the opportunity to watch visiting performers and artists.

 Counsellor and Well Being

The school Counsellor works with students on promoting their wellbeing. Port Elliot Primary School is part of the Kids Matter program. Staff promote healthy eating and well-being of all students.

At Port Elliot Primary School the counselling service offers:

·         help to manage relationships with family, teachers and peers

·         information about referrals to other support agencies

·         support to encourage attendance and learning at school

As well as offering counselling and support services, the counsellor performs other roles within the school such as, teaching classes, implementing school and behaviour management procedures and leading well being and mental health initiatives.

Intervention and Support Programmes

The Intervention and Support teacher works with a group of highly skilled School Support Officers to support students with learning needs. The Student Review committee meets regularly to ensure all students’ needs are met. As a team we plan and integrate support for students.  We consult with the Interagency Support team of Speech Pathologists, Psychologists and other health professionals to quickly identify students who need extra support. An example of this is the instillation of the Sound field Audio systems in classrooms to assist students to clearly hear instructions.

Camps and Excursions

Excursions are encouraged across of year levels. With students regularly visiting both Victor Harbor and Goolwa for History, Geography, Science and The Arts.

In year 6 and 7 students are offered two unique camps. During odd numbered year students have the opportunity to travel to Australia’sCapital city, Canberra for a week long camp. The students visit Parliament House, The Australian War Memorial and The Australian Institute of Sport along with many other significant locations.

During even years the students can take part in a 10 day cultural exchange to Murputja Anangu School in the Aboriginal Lands in the far North of the state. This unique experience involves students meeting with Aboriginal students from the community and taking part in cultural activities. The camp also includes nights camping at Uluru.

Many students and parents comment that this experience is a highlight of their time at Port Elliot Primary School.