Southern Fleurieu District Boys and Girls Hockey trials information

Southern Fleurieu would like to invite year 5, 6 and 7 boys and girls who are interested in playing Hockey against other district teams at the School Sport SA Sapsasa State Carnival to nominate to attend trials with the possibility of being selected in the district team. Year 5s will only be considered if there is not enough 6/7s. The carnival will be played at Grange Hockey Club during school hours in Week 8 this term from Monday 9th to Thursday 12th of September.

FIRST TRIAL: for both boys and girls is being held at Victor Harbor Hockey Club on MONDAY 12TH OF AUGUST AT 4PM

SECOND TRIAL: for both teams is also at the Victor Hockey Club MONDAY 19th OF AUGUST 4PM

Trina has handed out trial nomination forms to interested students. Please see Trina for further information.