Student Leadership Day

The 2019 House Captains and Yr 3-7 SRC will be involved in a Student Leadership Day held at PEPS on Friday Term 1 Week 5, the 1st of March 2019.

Trina, Karen and Kate along with guest speaker, Ashley Manuel from Growing With Gratitude, will be holding presentations, running workshops and team building activities with the students. We will be focussing on gratitude, resilience, self belief, ownership, empathy, appreciating others and the skill of reframing (Teaching students how to see things for a more positive point of view).

At the conclusion of the day the students will focus on things that inspired them from the day and discuss what hurdles as leaders they think they may face (e.g. time constraints, confidence, etc) and come up with ideas and strategies to assist them address these challenges.

 The students will then set goals individually, and as a team, to help them be effective leaders who “make a positive difference” to PEPS in 2019.

 Port Elliot PS will receive 12 month free access to the Growing With Gratitude program fully resourced online. The students and staff will have access to this to further develop these leadership skills and personal qualities. Families will be able to access the Home Grown Gratitude program, also.

If you would like more information re the Growing With Gratitude program feel free to contact Ashley on the details below.

+61 (0) 405 188 355