Sapsasa Local Athletics Day

We had 23 students participate in our school Athletics team at Victor Primary, against the other schools in our District, on Wednesday 30th August. Events were 100m, 200m, 800m, long jump, high jump, shot put and discus. We had a great day with all students participating giving their best effort. Well done to everyone.

Thank you to Neriah and Natarsha and their wonderful student helpers for running the boys’ discus event all day. Thanks also to Tyann and Becky for helping all day with the students, ensuring they were at their event on time. Thanks to all the other parents and grandparents who came along and helped out and cheered us on all day.

Congratulations to our place getters:

  • Sophie 1st in 100m, shot put, 200m (new District Record) and 2nd in discus.
  • Poppy 1st in 800m.
  • Abbi 1st in shot put (new District Record).
  • Ruben 1st in discus.
  • Dane 2nd in discus.
  • Rebecca 2nd in 800m, 200m, and 3rd in 100m.
  • Brandon 2nd in 800m.
  • Shaun, Tiger and Jackson who all finished 4th in 100m.

Sophie, Abbi, Rebecca, Poppy, Tiger, Shaun, Ruben and Jackson have all been invited to attend the Sapsasa State Athletics Day representing our Southern District at SANTOS stadium on Monday 25th September. We wish them all the best.