Interested Year 6/7 Students have been invited to nominate and trial for the Knockout teams who will compete in games during Term 2. This competition is played in rounds. If we win our first round we will progress to the second round with time, date and location to be determined. But, if we lose in any round then we are “knocked out” of the competition and will not participate in further games for this year. Final teams have been selected, consent forms have been sent home and practices are occurring.

Dates and locations:

Boys Football and Girls Netball: Friday 12th May 1pm at Victor Harbor High School. Thank you to Jodie for coaching the netball team and to Brett for coaching the boys’ football team.

Boys Soccer: Friday 19th May 1pm at Breakers Oval. Thank you to Josh for coaching the boys’ soccer team. 

Girls Football: Monday 22nd May 10am at Hackham East School. Thanks to Hamish and Riley for coaching the girls football team with Trina.

Girls Soccer (Game and location still to be determined)Thanks to Khai who is assisting Trina coach the girls soccer team.

A huge thanks to all coaches, umpires, scorers, timekeepers, drivers, etc who volunteer their time to help the students participate in Sapsasa. We rely heavily on volunteers to make these events occur. Again, we are all very grateful.