All 3 teams drew Encounter Lutheran in our first round matches.

Football and Netball were played on Friday May 1st at 1:30pm at our school. Both teams played really well and have progressed to the next round. The netball won 14 goals to 10. The girls tried so hard, listened well to their coach and continue to improve with every game. The football won 10.6 (66 points) to 0.0 (0 points). The boys played an outstanding game as a team. Their running game, quick handballs and defensive intensity was a joy to watch. Thank you to Annie and Matt for their positive and encouraging coaching and for setting up before the game. Thank you to Brett for helping set up the oval, goal umpiring and scoring, to Peta, Kristin, Nikki and Cheryl for scoring and timekeeping, to Mandy for collecting uniforms and to Karen for umpiring. Without this adult support we could not participate in these events. It was also wonderful to see so many spectators and supporters.

 The next round game is yet to be decided. I will inform students as soon as I know.

 The date for our first round soccer match is Wednesday 20th May 1pm at Breakers Oval.

 Practices are occurring at the following times:


o   Thursday lunch on school netball court with Trina Doig


o   Friday lunch on school oval with Matt Smith (coach) and Trina Doig


o   Monday lunch with Trina Doig on school oval

o   Monday 4:30pm-5:30pm at Breakers Oval with Josh Peters (coach) and Trina Doig

For all games we will need a football umpire, goal umpire, time keeper and scorer. For netball we need an umpire, scorer and timekeeper. For Soccer we will need an umpire and linesperson. If we can not fill these positions our team will need to forfeit. So please let me know a.s.a.p. if you can assist. Thank you.