Year 6/7 students are involved in these teams. Trials have already occurred for football and netball.

The soccer trial will be held Monday 27th April (first day Term 2) at lunch time with coach Josh Peters and Trina Doig.

Practices are occurring at the following times:
- Thursday lunch on school netball court with
Kerry Dodd, Trina Doig, Annie Kraft (coach)
- Friday lunch time on school oval with Matt
Smith (coach) Kerry Dodd and Trina Doig
Soccer: (beginning Term 2)
- Monday lunch with Trina Doig on school oval
- Monday 4:30pm-5:30pm at Breakers Oval with Josh Peters (coach) and Trina Doig
All 3 teams have drawn Encounter Lutheran in our first round matches.

The dates are:
- Football and Netball Friday May 1st at 1pm at our school.
- Soccer, Wednesday 20th May 1pm at Breakers Oval.
We will need a football umpire, goal umpire, time keeper and scorer. For netball we need an umpire, scorer and timekeeper. For Soccer we need a linesperson. If we cannot fill these positions our team will need to forfeit. So please let me (Trina) know a.s.a.p. if you can assist. Thank you.