Our school participates in a wide range of SAPSASA events throughout the year.  As part of my P.E. role I train and select students to represent the school at these events. SAPSASA is aimed mainly at Year 6 and 7 students but there will be opportunities for Year 4 and 5 students to participate in some sports. The events we anticipate competing in this year are:

o   Swimming

o   Athletics

o   Cross Country

o   Netball

o   Soccer

o   Football

o   Basketball

o   Cricket


When information on the events is available I will put notices in the Newsletter and send notes home with the students who are interested.


There also will be opportunities for students to try out for the Southern District Association teams in various sports and also for State teams. Again, when this information becomes available to me I will inform all eligible via the newsletter and notices home.


I also will be putting up SAPSASA photo displays on the gym windows so feel free to come and have a look after events at some of the photos taken.