Southern District Association Softball Boys & Girls.

A note was sent home with this information:

TRIAL 1: WEDNESDAY 18th of February: Eastern Fleurieu 7-12: 4: 15pm to 5:30

TRIAL 2: THURSDAY 26 TH of March: Eastern Fleurieu 7-12: 4:15pm to 5:30

A FURTHER TRIAL / PRACTICE MAY BE CALLED: Notification of this will be given at the end of the second trial.
    Equipment will be provided.     

Please inform Jerry Blair the SAPSASA Convenor on 0427364003 if you can wish to trial / play but
can’t make the first trial.     

The Softball Carnival is in Adelaide in Week 8 this term March 16th to March 20th at West Beach. The approximate cost will be around $70 and parents will need to help with transport unless you child is staying down in Adelaide.