SACA SACA Milo20 Cricket at Encounter Bay for Year 6/7’s

On Tuesday October 20th 40 Year 6/7 students competed in a T20 cricket carnival at Encounter Bay. Each group of students formed their own team and needed an adult in charge of the team on the day. Thank you to Penny, Vicki, Natarsha, Ben and Brett for your assistance. Without it the students could not have participated and I know the students are very grateful. We fielded 3 boys’ teams and 2 girls’ teams. The girls’ teams finished 3rd and 6th in their competition. The top 3 teams were all a draw for games won and lost but our runs per game percentage was below the 2 teams who finished above us. The boys’ teams finished 2nd, 7th and 8th. The boys’ team played in the Grand Final for a chance to get to play at the Adelaide Oval again. Unfortunately, they lost by 28 runs. All students conducted themselves tremendously. Respect, team work and 100% effort was on display all day. As always, I was very proud of all 40 students.