The local District Athletics Day was held at Victor Harbor Primary School on Friday 29th August.

 All students competed well, giving 100 percent effort in every event. We had many competitors achieving their best results on the day.

 Well done to our place getters.

 1st place:

             Stuart   - Discus and Shot Put

             Jye       - Discus

             Neriah   - High Jump

 2nd place:

            Ella       - 800m

            Colby    - Discus

            Neriah   - Shot Put

            Achol    - Long Jump

            James  - Long Jump

            Kane     - High Jump

 3rd place:

            Jye       - 800m

            Neriah   - 100m

            Celia     - Long Jump

            Harriet  - Discus

            James  - Discus

 First place getters will receive an invitation to the SANTOS Athletics Day later in the Term. Congratulations Stuart, Jye and Neriah. We wish you all the best on the day.

 These days cannot go ahead and be successful without many helpers and much organisation. Thank you to Sue, Natalie, Karina and Kristin for your expert assistance, marshalling of all students and assembling and disassembling of the shelter. Your help all day was greatly appreciated. Thanks also to the parents who popped in and out all day to assist and cheer on their children. It was great to see so many people there, encouraging their children and our school.

 And a big thank you to the athletes! Our school is very proud of our students, and the way in which these 29 children conducted themselves all day is a credit to them. We had many adults comment positively about our students’ conduct and sportsmanship. As their teacher in charge on the day, I want to say again how impressed and proud of them all I was, both in the way they practiced and prepared on the days leading up to the event, but also on the day. Very, very well done.

 Go Port Elliot!!