Growth Mindset

We all want our children to improve and learn. At Port Elliot Primary School we are always looking to ensure that all children are able to achieve their best results. Recently Les Cameron, Deputy Principal and myself attended 2 days of "Results Plus" training for all DECD site leaders in South Australia. The focus of these 2 days was to look at our site, partnership and state data for NAPLAN and the impact that our teaching, learning and wellbeing programmes can have on our student results. A significant component of the 2 days was on wellbeing and looking at the power of our assumptions and mindset. As leaders we looked at whether assumptions we make are limiting or enabling and we have done some work around this with the staff since returning to the site. We continue to have a site focus on mindset and how this impacts upon student achievement. Growth mindset is having self- belief that we can learn and achieve. As parents you play a key role in the "mindset" children bring to school. Consider the statements you say and how this can impact on your child's "mindset" and self -belief. Instead of............

Try saying......

I'm not good at this.

You haven't got it YET but mistakes show learning.

It's too hard.

This might take some time and help but keep trying. You will improve.

I just get it wrong.

Mistakes are part of learning.

I can't do... (Maths, Science, PE or Indonesian etc.)

Anyone can improve their learning, the brain keeps growing.It just takes practice.

That didn't work, I give up!

What other ways can we have a try at it?

I wasn't any good at maths either.

Let's work it through. You just can't do it YET.

Importantly always praise the students' efforts rather than just the final achievement. For example: "It was great to see the time and effort you put into your project, you tried your hardest to do well." The best way we can model a Growth Mindset to our own children is to always be aware of what we say and the way we act, to help them become the best that they can be.

Brenton Hudson

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