Welcome to the 2017 school year. I trust you had a good holiday period with your family and friends.

At Port Elliot Primary School we are always striving to improve on what we do and try to be innovative, as we are all dedicated to ensure that all students reach their potential. Towards the end of last year the teachers explored the option of varying the school day. Therefore for Term 1 the whole school will be trialling a different timetable.

School will start and finish at the same time ie. 8:55am and 3:15pm. However the break times have changed. Break 1 will occur between 11:30am and 12:00 noon. Teachers will have time through the morning lessons for students to have drinks and snacks. Break 2 is between 1:40pm and 2:10pm.

Eating lunch will continue to occur in classrooms between Break 1 and 2 when the teachers supervise. Lunch orders from Goods to Go will be delivered at 12:45pm as per normal.

The teachers believe that this timetable will provide the optimum time for students to be focused during the classroom learning time. It also provides flexibility with eating time that allows the teachers to select the best eating time to suit the students. ie. Eating earlier if hungry following swimming lessons or an excursion.

During the term we will be seeking feedback from students and parents to see what modifications may be required before Term 2.

Brenton Hudson