Welcome to the 2018 school year

This year the school has started with over 420 students in 16 classes. A warm welcome to all students and their families to Port Elliot Primary School especially our 44 new receptions.

We also welcome 7 new staff members:

·        Rachael Norde (Reception/Year 1 teacher)

·        Rachelle Dale (Reception teacher)

·        Sarah Slee (Year 1 teacher)

·        Mary Gillett (Year 1/2 teacher)

·        Kym Palka (Year 6/7 teacher)

·        Kate Reynolds (PE & Year 4/5 class teacher)

·        Jess Hilton (Indonesian teacher)

I look forward to another great year at Port Elliot Primary School with students striving for improvement with an aim for all students to be the best that they can be.

If at anytime you have questions or concerns please do not hesitate to speak with your child’s teacher or a member of the leadership team.

Children University Graduation

Children’s University graduating students with Profesor James McWha.

On Thursday the 16th November 12 students from Port Elliot Primary School Graduated from Children’s University Adelaide.

Congratulations to Declan B, Erin B, Zebadai B, Isabella H, Abigail M, Mecki R, Holly T and Alice T who all received the National Bronze Award for 30 hours of participation.

Congratulations also to Harry C, Lola L-G, Elyssia M and Ava T who received the National Silver Award for 65 hours of participation.

The graduates attended a very special ceremony at Adelaide University in the Bonython Hall. The hall is very grand and some students asked if it was where they filmed Harry Potter. On the stage was Professor James McWha in his red robes, Professor Phillipa Levy in her gown with gold edging and Director of the Children’s University Australia, Ms Kiri Hagenus.

The Graduates themselves were dressed in gowns with mortar board hats and tassels. They all looked very official and proud.

During the ceremony each student was called forward to receive their certificate, meeting the Professor in front of an audience of over 200 people. Our school was one of nine schools represented.

The Children’s University Programme is open to all students from Year 3 through to Year 10 and recognises students learning out of school hours. The children have a passport where they record hours of volunteer time, such as visiting the Whale Centre, going to Dance lessons or playing a sport. These hours accumulate and students are able to graduate at the end of the year. Our graduates and families certainly reported back that it was a great experience.

Look out for the membership forms early in 2018 and join up to become a graduate at the end of 2018.

Brenton Hudson


Congratulation to all the students and teachers who took part in the Dream Big Excursions over the last two weeks. The students demonstrated the school values to a high standard and most importantly thoroughly enjoyed the day, what an experience. Thank you to the all the parents who volunteered their time to come along I am sure that they enjoyed the show and the various events as much as the students.

This week’s newsletter has many photos and articles highlighting the workshops and productions the students took part in.

The Dream Big Festival show cases The Arts to all the children of South Australia, however if it was not for the special efforts of our The Arts teacher Natalie Bond Port Elliot Primary School students would not have had to the opportunity to participate in Adelaide. On behalf of the whole school community thank you Natalie for your time, organisational skills and endless energy and passion for all things Music, Dance, Drama and Visual Art.

Brenton Hudson.


Welcome to the 2017 school year. I trust you had a good holiday period with your family and friends.

At Port Elliot Primary School we are always striving to improve on what we do and try to be innovative, as we are all dedicated to ensure that all students reach their potential. Towards the end of last year the teachers explored the option of varying the school day. Therefore for Term 1 the whole school will be trialling a different timetable.

School will start and finish at the same time ie. 8:55am and 3:15pm. However the break times have changed. Break 1 will occur between 11:30am and 12:00 noon. Teachers will have time through the morning lessons for students to have drinks and snacks. Break 2 is between 1:40pm and 2:10pm.

Eating lunch will continue to occur in classrooms between Break 1 and 2 when the teachers supervise. Lunch orders from Goods to Go will be delivered at 12:45pm as per normal.

The teachers believe that this timetable will provide the optimum time for students to be focused during the classroom learning time. It also provides flexibility with eating time that allows the teachers to select the best eating time to suit the students. ie. Eating earlier if hungry following swimming lessons or an excursion.

During the term we will be seeking feedback from students and parents to see what modifications may be required before Term 2.

Brenton Hudson

Growth Mindset

We all want our children to improve and learn. At Port Elliot Primary School we are always looking to ensure that all children are able to achieve their best results. Recently Les Cameron, Deputy Principal and myself attended 2 days of "Results Plus" training for all DECD site leaders in South Australia. The focus of these 2 days was to look at our site, partnership and state data for NAPLAN and the impact that our teaching, learning and wellbeing programmes can have on our student results. A significant component of the 2 days was on wellbeing and looking at the power of our assumptions and mindset. As leaders we looked at whether assumptions we make are limiting or enabling and we have done some work around this with the staff since returning to the site. We continue to have a site focus on mindset and how this impacts upon student achievement. Growth mindset is having self- belief that we can learn and achieve. As parents you play a key role in the "mindset" children bring to school. Consider the statements you say and how this can impact on your child's "mindset" and self -belief. Instead of............

Try saying......

I'm not good at this.

You haven't got it YET but mistakes show learning.

It's too hard.

This might take some time and help but keep trying. You will improve.

I just get it wrong.

Mistakes are part of learning.

I can't do... (Maths, Science, PE or Indonesian etc.)

Anyone can improve their learning, the brain keeps growing.It just takes practice.

That didn't work, I give up!

What other ways can we have a try at it?

I wasn't any good at maths either.

Let's work it through. You just can't do it YET.

Importantly always praise the students' efforts rather than just the final achievement. For example: "It was great to see the time and effort you put into your project, you tried your hardest to do well." The best way we can model a Growth Mindset to our own children is to always be aware of what we say and the way we act, to help them become the best that they can be.

Brenton Hudson

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As Principal of Port Elliot Primary School I am proud to be part of a team dedicated to improving the outcomes for all the students. The school has now exceeded 370 students across 14 classes. These classes are placed alongside of each other which enables teachers and students to work in teams. The students reap the rewards of teachers combined experience and specialty. This year we have welcomed seven new staff including Les Cameron as Deputy Principal and Steven Taylor as a Co-ordinator in Numeracy improvement.

Later this year I am looking forward to our bi-annual 10 day school camp to the Murputja Aboriginal School in the APY lands in Central Australia accompanied by 45 year 6/7 students.